Steve started his cyber security life by being kicked out of his high school computing class. He accomplished this by working out that a tutorial package was running as root, and after working hard to crash it, left him with a root shell. He then did what any 16 year old would do with root access, changed the teacher's password to his dog's name, "peaches". It was the 80s when cyber-security was largely defined by the film War Games.

Since then he has spent time in the aero industry writing software to ensure planes didn't crash, the telecom industry ensuring that calls got connected and the automotive industry making sure your car would start. With quality, safety and security as a focus for over 30 years working in software, he's now come full circle as a dedicated DevSecOps champion, securing cloud native applications. Prior to joining Aqua Security he was a Lead Solution Architect for the Software Integrity Group at Synopsys focusing on Enterprise solutions for application security testing, building scalable secure CI/CD solutions.

He's also has a podcast called Codifyre, and represents Great Britain at a National Level playing Ultimate Frisbee, albeit now in the masters division.